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iPhone 6 home button not working – An inert or malfunctioning iPhone 6 home key is a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues that torment ordinary clients. This isn’t special to any one specific iPhone show however to the arrangement when all is said in done. Having said that, curing a deficient home touchpad on an iPhone isn’t an unthinkable undertaking.

Beneath we talk about some manners by which an iPhone 6 home touchpad might be settled without an exorbitant voyage to the repair store.


Now and then, the explanation for a moderate reacting home key is a product glitch. This can be helped by aligning the home touchpad.

To adjust the home touchpad, we start by opening up any standard application, for example, the clock. At that point, the rest key is held down till the power off alternative shows up. At the point when this alternative shows up, the rest touchpad ought to be discharged and the home button ought to be held down. The application will close after around 10 seconds.

This procedure will align the home key and ideally get the chance to work easily once more.

Connector realignment

We are accustomed to charging our iPhones consistently. Over the span of stopping and unplugging our 30-stick connector once a day, it is likely that we may have made some inward things be disengaged. As the home touchpad is over the connector port, it is one of the likeliest things to be uprooted while always connecting to and stopping out.

This can be cured by connecting the connector to the telephone and afterward delicately pushing down on the connector. This, thus, will push the home key upward. We would then be able to test the home key by pushing it two or three times and checking if it’s working legitimately or not.

Cleaning the home button

Some of the time, the home touchpad won’t work as a result of some leftover soil or sticky substance that might hinder it. We can clean the same by utilizing liquor. For this reason, 99.9% isopropyl liquor ought to be utilized. Care ought to be taken not to utilize rubbing liquor. This is on account of rubbing liquor has water in it and this can demolish the phone.

The liquor ought to be connected in and around the home button. After tenderly tapping it, the same ought to be left to dry for around 10 minutes.

This ought to get the malfunctioning home key to begin working once more.

Assistive touch or the virtual home touchpad

Inside the iPhone settings, availability has an alternative called the assistive touch. Empowering this will make a virtual home button on the screen.

To get the virtual home key, we need to go to settings. There, we need to go to general. Subsequent to choosing the general choice, we need to look down and select Accessibility. Subsequent to choosing availability, we need to look down again to achieve assistive touch. When we achieve assistive touch, we need to turn it on.

In the wake of turning the assistive touch on, a little dark touchpad will fly up on the screen. When we tap this button, we will get the home key alternative among different choices.

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