Introduction To Essential Oils – – Have you ever felt lost when not knowing what essential oils to use for a natural cosmetic recipe?
In this guide, we give you some basic guidelines to manage yourself in the world of essential oils and their properties. At greenlight pharmaceuticals there are lots of information on essential oil.
What is an essential oil?
An essential oil is a natural product, extracted from plants or trees. It is characterized by being very aromatic and concentrated.
The extraction of essential oils is usually done by dragging with steam in a still. On other occasions, as in the case of citrus fruits, the essential oil is extracted by cold pressing the bark.
For greater safety, make sure you always buy essential oils that are certified as organic products, to ensure their purity.

The use of essential oils

There are several ways in which an essential oil can access the body. You can visit to get more important uses if essential oils.
First, the olfactory path. It would be the best known. From our nose, essential oils connect with our brain, emotions, motivation … You can use a diffuser of essences (better than a burner, because it destroys the essential properties by heat), with a spray freshener (diluting the essential oil in distilled water) or by means of bamboo rods. For especially hard days, you can put a few drops of soothing oil (for example, lavender) on your pillow.
Another way would be the cutaneous one. That is, the essential oil reaches the body through the skin, usually as part of cosmetic recipes. By themselves, they can irritate sensitive skin, but mixed does not usually cause irritation. And always avoid sensitive areas, such as eyes.
Finally, the oral route, would be the least used, sometimes very specific and under the guidance of a professional.
Regardless of the route you choose, always try to find out the properties of the oil you have decided to use. Its use is not recommended for children under 8 years and not during pregnancy or lactation.
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