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Surah Yasin – At the point when the thirteenth day of the month arrives on a Friday, the socially negative properties of each are increased by boundlessness. Friday, the day of unique sin, the day Jesus kicked the bucket, the day of open hangings, in mix with 13, the quantity of ventures on a hangman’s tree, the quantity of curls of rope in an executioner’s noose, the quantity of the Death card in the tarot deck, is indubitably assigned as a day of sign and fate.

The desolate suicide note of a window washer that was found with his body in a gas-filled room at his home and cited in a 1960 issue of the Yorkshire Post, underscores it’s intense, well-known notoriety, “It simply expected to rain today – Friday the thirteenth – for me to decide.” Poor grass.

Be that as it may, up until the man-centric insurgency, both Fridays and 13s were held in the extremely most elevated regard. Both the day and the number were related to the Great Goddesses, and hence, viewed as the consecrated quintessence of fortunes and favorable luck. Thirteen is unquestionably the most basically female number – the normal number of menstrual cycles in a year. The rough number, too of yearly cycles of the moon. At the point when Chinese ladies make offerings of moon cakes, there are certain to be 13 on the platter. Thirteen is the quantity of blood, richness and lunar power. 13 is the fortunate number of the Great Goddess.

Held sacred in Her respect, Friday was seen as the day of Her exceptional festivals. Jews around the globe still start the recognition of the Sabbath at nightfall on Friday nighttimes when they welcome the Sabbath Bride. Friday is the Sabbath in the Islamic world. Friday is additionally holy to Oshun, the Yoruban Orisha of extravagant arousing quality and overpowering womanliness, and Frig the Norse Goddess of affection and sex, of richness and innovativeness. Her name turned into the Anglo-Saxon thing for adoration, and in the sixteenth century, frig came to mean *to copulate.*

Friday the thirteenth is eventually the festival of the lives and adores of Lady Luck. On this, Her doubly-committed day, let us consider what happy fortuitous events constitute our destiny. The fortunate mix of simply the correct conditions, sciences, components and energies, which include our universe. The way everything works. The way we are. That we are by any stretch of the imagination. That, notwithstanding whatever major or minor issues we may believe are unfortunate, we have by one means or another figured out how to stay alive and mindful. This Friday the thirteenth, let us remain in full cognizance of the miraculousness of presence and remember our good fortune. Thump on wood.

Donna Henes is a universally prestige urban shaman, grant winning creator and prevalent speaker and workshop pioneer whose cheerful festivals of divine occasions have presented antiquated customary customs and contemporary services to a large number of individuals in excess of one hundred urban areas for thirty-three years. She has distributed four books, a CD, and an acclaimed diary. Notwithstanding instructing and addressing around the world, Mama Donna, as she is lovingly called, keeps up a formal focus, soul shop, custom practice and consultancy in extraordinary Brooklyn, NY where she works with people, gatherings, organizations, districts, and companies to make significant services for each conceivable event.

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