Essential Oils and Their Properties – – At greenlight pharmaceuticals there are lots of information on essential oil in case you wish to know more about essential oils. These are some of the essential oils and their properties.
Sweet almonds
It is one of the most used in aromatherapy, ideal for all skin types. Rich in minerals and vitamins. Ideal to treat wounds, burn, scars. Very moisturizing
Tea tree
Ideal for the treatment of abscesses, acne, arthritis, calluses, nail fungus. Very good against hair problems. Its regular use helps to reduce the scars and spots derived from acne. It also serves to soothe mosquito bites. It is antibacterial and disinfectant.
Product rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, helps regenerate delicate skin and prevent the loss of collagen. Great antioxidant, prevents the aging of tissues.
It is not the best known, but offers great benefits for the skin. It is revitalizing and antibacterial. It is advisable to mix it with olive oil or jojoba to achieve better results.
Soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Ideal to combat acne pimples, as it calms inflammation and stimulates the repair of cells. Suitable to combat psoriasis, dermatitis and skin blemishes. Also to soothe mosquito bites.
Antiseptic, stimulant, tonic, circulatory, relaxing, scare away mosquitoes. It is also a powerful natural stimulant. Improves mood. It calms nerves, fatigue and depression.
They contribute to improve the mood. Do not expose the skin to the sun after its application, as it can produce spots.
Perfect to treat acne problems and their scars. Antibacterial, so it is ideal to prevent fungi and infections. Toning Protects and softens skin and hair. Effective to rehydrate dry skin.
Analgesic and soothing effects. Relief of pain in the spine and muscles of the back. Treatment of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.
Especially recommended for very oily skin or with acne, since it regulates the production of sebum. Regenerating properties. Against wrinkles and against cellulite (ideally, diluted in rosehip oil or jojoba). On an emotional level, it helps to calm anxiety and stress. Tranquilizing effects, which improve insomnia problems.
Wheat germ
Antioxidant, perfect for mature skin or punished by the sun.
Known for its relaxing action. Ideal to reduce stress and help you fall asleep.
It promotes meditation and connection with the divine, brings peace. For the skin it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to counteract the effects caused by the sun’s rays, helping to repair the skin.
Relaxing soothing It can be combined perfectly with lavender oil.
Anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Both the infusion of ginger root and the essential oil to treat back pain can be used.

Final tips
Some oils whose use is not recommended during pregnancy: basil, camphor, anise, cinnamon, cypress, fennel, hyssop, lavender, yarrow, mint, rosemary, sage. During pregnancy, always consult a specialist before using any essential oil. In principle, lavender angustifolia (as it does not contain camphor), citrus oils and floral aromas would not present problems (in moderation).
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