Advantages of reading news online – – The benefits of reading news online cannot be over-emphasized and the best place to do that is at
Travel reading
Reading a newspaper is always among the activities preferred by Italians while they are traveling, despite the size of the newspaper creates some problems. Digital copies solve the problem at the root, giving the possibility to read the newspaper on any device , from the computer to the smartphone , without any loss of quality. The important thing is to have a drowser app downloaded on the tablet and visit newsrule.

Reading the news rule with the smartphone or with the tablet gives the same sensations of reading the paper, adding the peculiarities of digital, how to increase the size of the items by simply pressing on the screen: a panacea for older people.

Eco-friendly and space-saving
Besides having high running costs, paper newspapers also have a large ecological footprint . Between paper, printing and distribution of copies, the impact that traditional press has on natural resources is extremely high. The digital format has zero (or near) environmental impact : there are no trees to cut to produce paper, chemical inks to be created or distributed. It also does not take up space at home and you can not leave it around.

Easy storage and distribution supplements
The struggle born in the 90s among the major Italian newspapers to conquer new readers led to the birth of many magazines combined with the newspaper. Sette and Io Donna of the Corriere della Sera, Il Venerdì and Donna di Repubblica , Sportweek of the Gazzetta dello Sport: these are some examples of how the traditional press has tried to enrich the offer to its readers, weighing the bag at the same time. Fortunately, by subscribing to the digital news on news rule you will also have all the supplements, without having to mark every day on the calendar the day of release of the favorite magazine and without being forced to become a bodybuilder.
To be able to read the digital newspaper is not necessary to be connected to the Internet , just download your copy and start it to read, even in the mode off l ine . Moreover, thanks to the archive that offer the various newspapers in different ways, you can retrieve copies of the previous days

Continuous updates
News rule also update the user on the most important news of the day. Through the breaking news , the user / reader is always updated on the latest facts of national politics, entertainment, news and sport.

Interactivity and insights
The major advantage that the paper version offers is certainly the interactivity that enriches the newspaper. In fact, each article is accompanied by photogallery and video produced by the editorial staff of the newspaper and available only for digital copying, trying to revive the reader the same emotions experienced by the journalist. But it is not only photos and videos of premium content , many articles (especially of economics) are enriched and integrated with infographics (useful in articles full of numbers and statistics).

Furthermore, some newspapers offer exclusive reports and focus on the most important events of news and politics (the aforementioned RSera of the Republic, for example, is an appetizer of the daily of the day after, but with special contents). Finally, you have the possibility (on the online site) to be part of an always active community and to be able to deal with people who think differently.

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